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Communications Courses

Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs

Finished the English test?

You will be placed in one of these levels.

  1. COM101 – Communicating Across Contexts Credit
  2. EAP500 or EAC149 – Non-credit ESL / native English speakers

We are looking forward to meeting you in your communications course.

Your English course will be added approximately (one month) prior to the start of the semester. If you are writing your English Skills Assessment closer to the beginning of the semester, please consult the online Student Centre for timetable updates, which are more frequent as the start of the semester approaches. If you have questions about your English level, when English has been added to your timetable, please go to your first scheduled class.

Please note that Communicating Across Contexts (COM101) is not a general education course.

Please select your campus for communications/English course offerings.

Part-Time Studies

English courses offered through the Faculty of Continuing Education and Training.