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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a problem if I don’t take Communications/English in first term?

It depends on your Communications/English level; on whether or not you have transfer credits; or can use the summer to catch up; or if, like many students, you choose to take a slower, less hectic route to graduation. Know that you may not get a refund, and furthermore, that you will need to pay for an extra course in the long run. Discuss your options with an English & Liberal Studies Coordinator before Day 5 of the term.

Why do I have to take Communications/English courses?

Here are a few reasons why Communications/English courses are an essential part of your Seneca program: To improve your critical reading, general writing, business/technical writing, editing and presentation skills in English – in other words, the communication skills employers require!

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for a transfer credit?

For information on eligibility, please visit the Degree and Credit Transfer website.

How many general education or liberal studies electives do I need to take?

In addition to required courses, which vary according to your diploma or degree program, the number of electives also varies. For specific guidelines about breadth courses, please visit the General Education Courses or Liberal Studies Courses tabs.

Are there pre-requisites for the general education or liberal studies electives?

Generally, there are no pre-requisites for the general education electives; however, EAP500 is a co-requisite. There are no pre-requisites for lower-level liberal studies electives; however, for upper-level liberal studies, the pre-requisite is one lower-level liberal studies or English or Critical Thinking course. Please see the tab for General Education Courses or Liberal Studies Courses for more information.

I want to take my general education or liberal studies course at night or online. Can I do that?

Students who are enrolled in a full time daytime program should take their courses during the day. If you are interested in taking a course through part-time studies, there may be additional costs incurred. Please check with the SELS office and/or Registration. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the proper components are completed. Permission to take courses part-time through the Faculty of Continuing Education at no extra cost will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and not before the first week of classes. Please check with an English & Liberal Studies coordinator that the course(s) you choose will be eligible for credit.

How do I register for general education/ liberal studies courses?

  • First step before registering: Read the Graduation Requirements for your program to see how your English & Liberal Studies and Program courses work together to make you a proud Seneca graduate!
  • An ELS Coordinator will be happy to help you with course planning for now and future terms if, like many students, you need to customize the traditional route to graduation.
  • Starting in 2nd term, use the online Student Centre to add and drop English & Liberal Studies courses.
  • Before your Registration window opens in Student Centre, go to General Education or Liberal Studies tab to preview the courses being offered next term and create a tentative schedule. If you have finished COM101 Communicating Across Contexts and any required first term courses, you are ready to take electives.
  • When registering through Student Centre, be careful that the elective you choose is at the campus you want. Also, choose electives from different disciplines to avoid duplicating courses. When in doubt, consult your ELS Coordinator!
  • Register early for the best choice.
  • Can’t access an elective or class section of your choice? This means that the class limit has been reached. Since the ELS coordinator cannot add you to the class, keep trying every so often in Student Centre to see if space becomes available. In particular, try after the current term’s grades are published and until the deadline to add courses in your next term (Day 5).