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New Students


  1. Book your English Skills Assessment if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Make sure you have English (COM or EAP) on your timetable in your first term. Usually, English is added to your timetable for you, but if it is not, see an English & Liberal Studies Coordinator before Day 5.
  3. Read the Requirements for Graduation. Seek Academic Advice if necessary.
  4. Pay attention to the deadlines to add/change a course, to drop a course, and to apply for a Transfer Credit. If you have post-secondary credits from a college or university in Canada or overseas, read the Transfer Credit guidelines.

Tips for Success

  • Consistent attendance is proven to be crucial for success in your courses. In addition, adequate class preparation, considerate classroom conduct, and constructive participation will enhance your whole academic experience
  • Talk to your professors to check on your progress and discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing
  • Visit the Learning Commons to see how tutors may help and enrich your learning
  • If you have serious academic or personal concerns at any time, don’t hesitate to talk to your professor, to an English & Liberal Studies coordinator or to Counselling and Accessibility Services.

Our courses will be both challenging and rewarding. They demand from you strong study skills, academic honesty and academic courtesy. They will reward you with enhanced communication, interpersonal and critical thinking skills, general knowledge and more – the tools to become a real career professional!

English Skills Assessment

COM101 is a compulsory credit course in all Seneca College post-secondary diploma programs. EAC149 and EAP500 are non-credit English courses. They are reading and writing subjects courses designed to prepare students for COM101. You will be placed in EAC149/EAP500 or COM101, depending on your English Skills Assessment result.

If you are developing proficiency in English, you may be required to take EAP300 to improve your knowledge of English before you can progress to EAP500, then to COM101.

The English Skills Assessment will determine if you are:

  • Granted exemption from COM101 Communicating Across Contexts, or
  • Required to take COM101 Communicating Across Contexts, or
  • Required to take EAC149 English & Communication or EAP500 Developmental English before COM101, or
  • Required to take EAP300 before you can progress to EAP500, then COM101.

As soon as you have been accepted as a Seneca student, you will need to take the English Skills Assessment Test. This is not the same test you may have done when you first applied to your program, and it is free. Book an appointment with the Test Centre as soon as possible. Please remember to bring your student number and photo identification to the test. It may take a few days for your assessment to be graded and for you to see the appropriate English course on your timetable.

If you do not have English on your timetable or if you have questions about your English course, you should contact your English and Liberal Studies coordinator (see Contact Us tab).