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School of Creative Arts & Animation

Mark Reale

Mark Reale

Interactive Media Design

“We were introduced to audio tools, video editing tools, graphic illustration tools and computer programming. It was like a buffet of different possibilities.”

After working in the financial industry for several years, Mark made a difficult decision to return to school in 2006. He had noticed a surge of technological change at the time, which fascinated him. Mark enrolled in the Interactive Media Design program and was recruited by classmates for their Toronto website development startup BNOTIONS. BNOTIONS quickly diversified into app development for mobile technologies and was rated by Profit Magazine at number 11 on its annual ranking of Canada’s top new growth companies in 2012. As a partner at BNOTIONS, Mark focuses on engineering and performance optimization for products using web and mobile technologies. In June 2015, BNOTIONS announced that it was acquired by Symbility Solutions for approximately $5 million in cash, shares and options. This move comes with goals to take BNOTIONS global.