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Fire lab

Our Labs

Sprinkler Lab

The Fire Protection Technology program at Seneca also offers North America's leading sprinkler design education.

Students get practical hands-on experience in sprinkler operation; fluid mechanics; engineering drawing and hydraulics; and computer design tools.

This high-tech training is excellent preparation for the many design jobs in the Fire Protection industry.

Chemical Extinguishing Systems Lab

This lab houses extinguishing systems that utilize halocarbons, inert gases, carbon dioxide, wet chemical, dry chemical, fine water mist and foams.

Students learn how each chemical functions in Theory classes, and then gather hands on experience within the labs. Students see how each chemical extinguishing system is discharged, and learn where and when to use it.

Fire Alarm Lab

In 1997, students at Seneca began studying in the College's brand new Fire Alarms lab in the Centre for the Built Environment.

This state-of-the art facility ensures that student's receive practical hands-on training in every facet of alarms design, installation and trouble-shooting.

Developed in collaboration with major Fire Alarms manufacturers, the Seneca Fire Alarm Lab features the industries most current technology.

Computer Lab

The computer lab teaches students how to use various specialized fire protection software. There are three areas covered in this lab.

  1. Design area with AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Design): a tool used to design/draw building prints.
  2. Specialized sprinkler design software:
    1. HydraCAD
    2. SprinkCAD
    3. AutoSprink
  3. Fire modeling software: used to model actual fires in order to predict results (i.e., gaseous concentration, time to exit).