Success Stories

Nadia Gomes Bento

Graduate, Honours Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Program
Recreational Therapist, North York General Hospital

“Inside the classroom, faculty’s passion for teaching was evident in every single lecture. Learning was captivating and enjoyable.”


Kathryn McLellan

Graduate, Environmental Landscape Management Program

“Seneca was an ideal fit, given my passion for environmental conservationism. It offered me easy access to the great biodiversity that surrounds King Campus, it also provided me invaluable education and connections: some of my professors have become collaborators in my professional career.”


Denis Martinez

Graduate, Recreation and Leisure Services Program

"I have always felt very lucky to be a student at Seneca. Obtaining a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services has been so much more than an academic experience, it’s been life changing. Having professors that have worked in the industry or currently continue to do so provides their students with real time and up to date industry learning. The program is very diverse and hands on. It has allowed me to network while still in school and has served me well in my career. My successes in this program has helped me get a number of awards and has prepared me for specialized projects."


Elizabeth Allamani

Graduate, Fitness and Health Promotion Program
Personal Trainer

“Seneca has been a life changing experience for me. It was the chance I took at life. An opportunity that has taken me to avenues I never thought I’d reach. The professors and support staff are there for you to ensure your success. Their invaluable education and feedback helped me to graduate with honours while balancing a home and work life and even opening up my new business. And I can proudly state that I now live with purpose in this field that I love.”


Joshua Kelly

Graduate, Fitness and Health Promotion Program
S&C Coach at move365, Ambassador for Cam's Kids

"I was very fortunate to be put in such a great learning environment at Seneca College.  Fitness and Health Promotion provided the proper training needed to understand the biomechanics of the body, and was a great foundation to this field. Most importantly I was prepared to help others of all ages/abilities. I was able to intern at Twist Performance & Wellness (now move365) and felt confident with my readiness for the field. Post-Graduation, I am very lucky to still have a great relationship with several professors who continue to help me grow. I am currently still at the same location, and in a career where we can help make someone’s day, everyday! "

Tanisha Van Rossum Chance

Graduate, Fitness and Health Promotion Program

“Enrolling in the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Seneca has changed my life for the better. I've gotten hands on experience in areas such as Personal Training, Fitness Assessment, Coaching, Athletic Therapy, and many more. Seneca gave me the tools to be a successful student, which gave me the courage to further my academic career and enrol at York University to pursue a Specialized Honours B.A. in Kinesiology. My professors in this program were always open, friendly and readily available to help me succeed. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!”