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What is Seneca 360?

Services for not-for-profit organizations

Seneca 360 provides access to a range of professional services by helping your organization utilize our student and alumni expertise to deliver better services to the community.

We find, hire and pay the students or alumni that match your requirements. This initiative allows you to access the skills you need to continue and enhance your work without incurring further costs. We will consider all projects that fall under the full-time academic programs offered at Seneca.

The video (on your right), created by Seneca Animation students, explains how Seneca 360 can help your organization.


Information for Students and Alumni

Seneca 360 is a great opportunity to gain experience and make valuable connections in your industry, while also giving back to your community. Because we receive a wide variety of projects, we cannot predict what types of jobs will be available and when. Please continue to check SenecaWorks for job postings that suit your qualifications. If you are an alumnus without access to SenecaWorks, you can look for job postings on LinkedIn by searching #Seneca360.



Managing Director

Our Mission

Seneca 360 gives not–for–profits access to a broad range of quality services provided by students and graduates.


Our Vision

To give organizations access to all of the cross–disciplinary skill sets needed for sustainability and impact in an ever–changing, competitive environment.


Our History

Seneca 360 started as a framework for a perfect partnership between Seneca, our students and not-for-profits organizations.
Read our full history.


Project Highlights

Gold Medal Plates
Gold Medal Plates is a celebration of Canadian excellence in Food, Wine, Athletics and Entertainment. The beneficiary is the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir
Olympic Gold Medallists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were in need of a new website. Amateur athletes in Canada are significantly under-funded and are constantly in need of assistance.


How can we help you?

Seneca faculty looking to partner with Seneca 360

Students and alumni looking to work on a Seneca 360 project

Not-for-profit organizations looking to partner with us