History of Seneca 360

As a graduate and now a professor at Seneca, I believe that it’s one of the most forward thinking and innovative public institutions in Canada. Seneca 360 is a testament to this and I’m pleased to have created it with the amazing support of the institution.

When I graduated many years ago, I always had a desire to do meaningful work. However, as a student and then a recent graduate, it was difficult to prioritize philanthropic projects over those that were financially lucrative. I donated my time to several charities in the years that followed, but the push-pull of social good vs. profit was very real for me and would lead to short-term projects with limited scopes; all of which were helpful to these not-for-profits…until they weren’t, because my time was in short supply.

So, when I returned to Seneca as a professor several years later, I was keen to see what we could do as an organization to re-write the DNA of how we do social good. This started with a 15-minute meeting with Seneca’s president and turned into the framework for a perfect partnership between Seneca, our amazing students and not-for-profits.

For Seneca, we will highlight our students’ talent and reinforce our core values, while walking the walk of our strategic objectives leading up to 2022.

For our students, we provide paid meaningful work in their area of study and give them access to industry contacts while they build their portfolios.

For not-for-profits, we provide free services, so they can allocate their funds elsewhere while ensuring they are getting a quality product overseen by Seneca faculty.

I’m so excited that Seneca 360 is now an official initiative by Seneca, and I look forward to all the amazing work we can do to build a stronger not-for-profit sector in our little corner of the world.

Peter Moscone
Managing Director, Seneca 360