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Seneca 360 assists not-for-profits and students with resources needed to make a positive impact.

Project Highlights


Beneficiary: Gold Medal Plates

Students: Kayla W., Tim L. & Ian H.
Seneca Programs:
Event and Media Production & Webmaster Program


Gold Medal Plates is a celebration of Canadian excellence in Food, Wine, Athletics and Entertainment. The beneficiary is the Canadian Olympic Foundation, which assists with much needed funding for Canadian athletics.

Scope of Work

Kayla shadowed Gold Medal Plates’ Technical Director for the day and then called and switched live cameras for the show, which featured performances by Jim Cuddy, Ed Robertson and Alan Doyle.

Tim performed a complete overhaul of GMP’s website and created a new web presence for Gold Medal Plates.

Ian was flown to Tuscany, Italy to shoot high resolution video of a Gold Medal Plates’ auction experience. This footage will be used to document and sell this trip for the 2017 GMP campaign.



Beneficiary: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

Student: Wilson K.

Seneca Program: Computer Engineering Technology


Olympic Gold Medallists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were in need of a new website.  Amateur athletes in Canada are significantly under-funded and are constantly in need of assistance such as this.

Scope of Work

Wilson worked to create and deploy a website within Tessa and Scott’s specifications.

Beneficiary: The Wychwood Barns Community Association

Student: Luana H.

Seneca Program: Event and Media Production


The Wychwood Barns Community Association is a community engagement organization that raises money for grassroots organizations in the St. Clair West neighbourhood.

Scope of Work

Luana has created two videos for a shop local campaign in the St. Clair West neighbourhood.  These will be a starting point for a larger campaign with neighbourhood businesses.


Beneficiary:  The Massey Centre for Women

Students/Alumni: Nicole Z., Aran B., Joseph Q., Fabio C., Sandy M., Oleksandr M.

Seneca Programs: Event and Media Production, Social Media, Computer Engineering Technology


Massey Centre is a client-centered infant and early childhood mental health organization which supports pregnant and parenting adolescents, aged 13-25 and their babies who reside at the Centre or in the community.  Their annual Cook for New Lives Gala is an important fundraiser for their work.

Scope of Work

Nicole worked with Massey to design a social media marketing campaign around the “Cook for New Lives” fundraising gala.
Aran, Joseph, Fabio, Sandy and Oleksandr created and executed all production elements for the ”Cook for New Lives” Gala.


Beneficiary: Journalists for Human Rights

Student:  Jessica V.

Seneca Program: Nonprofit and Leadership


Journalist for Human Rights (JHR) is Canada’s leading media development organization. Through skills training and mentorship, JHR empowers journalists to objectively and effectively report on local human rights issues that would otherwise be ignored and unaddressed

Scope of Work

Jessica assisted JHR with their annual fundraising Gala Night for Rights from a planning and logistics standpoint.


Beneficiary: Camp Quality

Student: Sam W.

Seneca Program: Nonprofit and Leadership


Camp Quality runs six overnight camps in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario which are provided to children affected by cancer ages 4-18. The camps are focused on kids building new skills like swimming and hiking, kayaking and storytelling, making friends and gaining memories to last a lifetime.

Scope of Work

Sam has assisted in creating signature events for the head office location in Toronto; while also creating and implementing programs/fundraising events in remote locations in Northern Ontario and Ottawa.


Beneficiary: Seneca 360

Students:  Julianna S., Sarah H., Sam W., Zoe S., Jessica V., Sebastian L., Paige F.

Seneca Programs: Marketing Management,  Human Resources Management, Nonprofit and Leadership


Seneca 360’s development was incubated in the 2015/2016 non-profit leadership capstone project, led by Jane Haddad and has now grown into it’s own organization within the college.  Students from HR and Marketing, then took this strong foundation and developed it further.

Scope of Work

Zoe, Jessica, Sebastian, Sam and Paige created a comprehensive business plan for Seneca 360.  Juliana and Sarah took this business plan and developed the systems and marketing initiatives to create a more formal process for recruiting students/beneficiaries and promoting 360’s ongoing successes.

Beneficiary: Fashion Group International

Student:  Marysol K.

Seneca Program: Fashion Design


The FGI mission is to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion and design and to help its members become more effective in their careers.

Scope of Work

Marysol worked with FGI to assist with their 60th Anniversary Project.


Beneficiary: UofT Medical Alumni Association

Student:  Jillian D.

Seneca Program: Webmaster Program


The UofT Medical Alumni Association provides financial assistance and awards to current students as well as sponsoring Medical Society events and student support programs.

Scope of Work

Jillian has created a new website presence for the MAA