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Arts Etobicoke is a recognized Local Arts Services Organization providing arts education, advocacy, community space and many other services to the west Toronto area.

Arts Etobicoke paired with Mural Routes, the STEPS Initiative and artist Bareket Kezwer to create Augmented Representations: The North Etobicoke Mural Project. The mural series blends together current and historic narratives to embody the voices of community members.

Seneca 360’s very own Peter Moscone oversaw the work of Interactive Media Design grad Fredrik Pedram, who created an augmented reality app for both Android and iOS. This app can be used in conjunction with one of the murals from the Augmented Representations project, bringing certain elements of the mural to life and telling users about the different artists who participated in its creation.

“Seneca 360 helped me to build connections with businesses that could use my expertise. I was given the opportunity to work on projects that helped me to discover real-life applications for my skills, and I was guided to further study the subjects that could make my skills more employable.”

-Fredrik Pedram, Seneca 360 student


“The digital component was an integral part of the initial concept for Augmented Representations: North Etobicoke Mural Project. However, Arts Etobicoke didn’t have the skills or partners who could take on this task. We were referred to Seneca 360, and reached out to them. Their instant response in supporting the project was amazing! They assigned a fantastic student who, under the mentorship of Peter Moscone and co-ordinator Catherine Brassard, led the delivery of the augmented reality application compatible with both Apple and Android phones right after the mural painting was accomplished.

Team Seneca 360 has been a great partner to work with as they understood the needs and challenges that the project came with, and successfully delivered the final product with great technical skills and designs.

Overall, they are responsive, professional, able to deliver on a timeline and generally wonderful partners.”

-Akshata, Program and Gallery Manager, Arts Etobicoke

Augmented Representations: The North Etobicoke Mural Project
Arts Etobicoke