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Furniture Bank

Business Process Documentation

Founded in 1998, Furniture Bank is a registered charity and social enterprise that redistributes gently-used furniture and housewares from donors in the community to families and individuals experiencing furniture poverty.

With many communities across Canada starting organizations similar to theirs, Furniture Bank wanted to document their Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes in order to provide effective training to employees and volunteers at these new organizations.

Overseen by Shelly Morris, Professor, School of International Business & Management, Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Business Management student Rommel Waterman worked to document existing processes, after which Government Relations graduate Alan Ham created detailed procedures that were easy to understand. The resulting work has provided the foundation of business processes to be communicated in a national scaling project of related furniture bank programs, allowing more families and individuals across the country to access these important services.

“Working with Seneca 360 was a tremendous success for Furniture Bank — and we think the students too! With the work underway to provide national support services to other organizations like Furniture Bank, we needed to create the foundation of the training materials and processes any community user would be expected to follow. The Seneca 360 team set about the process of unpacking our ways into discreet steps and procedures that will be the basis for training materials for our new national customers on a Learning Management System (LMS). Very helpful, flexible and detail-oriented for our needs. We hope to engage Seneca 360 again for future projects.”

-Dan Kershaw, Executive Director, and Sean Peddle, Director of Program Operations, Furniture Bank


“Seneca 360 provided an opportunity for me to work with a non-profit during the depths of the pandemic. At a time when finding employment was difficult for me and non-profits across Canada had fewer resources to work with, it was a win-win for all parties involved. The experience reassured me that the skills I gained from my studies translated well in the real world, exposed me to a side of charitable work that I wasn't familiar with and helped me figure out where my career could go in the future!”

-Alan Ham, Seneca 360 student


“I definitely enjoyed my Seneca 360 experience! It was an amazing opportunity to study, work and help a non-profit along the way. I view this as honourable learning not only for our own achievement but to assist those around us and within our community, and was happy to see that such a program was available to Seneca students. I was also exposed as a business management student to a wealth and depth of knowledge being paired with a Government Relations graduate and faculty lead that is Project Management Professional (PMP) certified.”

-Rommel Waterman, Seneca 360 student

Furniture Bank