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Hang Tough

Social Media Strategy

Hang Tough is an initiative to bring together teams of scientists, clinicians and patients at the University Health Network (UHN) to develop a new model of care for patients with various cardiovascular diseases. Through Hang Tough, the goal is to raise $1.4 million to support the research and treatment options for patients with various cardiovascular diseases.

Len Crispino, the founder of Hang Tough with his own story to tell, approached Seneca 360 for help to create a social media strategy to raise money and awareness in online communities and encourage individuals with their own experiences to speak out.

Professor Reza Alavie from the School of Marketing led Brand Management graduate Srilata Sridhar and Creative Advertising graduates Madeleine Heaven and Camille Proulx in developing the social media strategy and creating original graphics for posts. The launch of this campaign across a variety of social media will help bring communities with similar struggles together and recognize the growth our health-care system has so much more potential for.

“The Seneca 360 team was highly professional and knowledgeable. Our project benefited greatly from the expertise that the members of the team brought to the table, which included both strategic insight, as well as hands-on execution of social media, content creation and more. They conceived of, designed and executed a highly professional social media plan which not only benefited our project but which also injected our team with new knowledge. We greatly appreciate the speedy and timely work they produced for us and their high sense of accountability. We couldn't have done it without them!”

-Len Crispino, Founder, Hang Tough


“I was excited about this opportunity as it included Social Media and Content Strategy — both key focus areas of my career and something I’m passionate about. I am glad I was able to develop strategies and apply my experience and learnings in a practical environment. This was also my first time working with a not-for-profit client, I did learn a lot! My key takeaway was gaining confidence in leading the strategy work with a very lean team, client handling and collaborating with a really creative and dedicated group of people. Amidst the pandemic, this project was easily one of the highlights of the year for me.”

-Srilata Sridhar, Seneca 360 student

Hang Tough