Seneca 360

Jane/Finch Centre

External Communications Strategy

The Jane/Finch Centre is a multi-service, community-based organization with a strong focus on poverty reduction through resident engagement, capacity building and anti-oppression.

After a positive experience with the development of their internal communications strategy, the organization returned to Seneca 360 for a second project. This time, Samantha Kemp-Jackson of the School of Media led students Ivo Felipe, Sara Grilli, Orode Uwawah and Sherine Williams from the Public Relations – Corporate Communications graduate certificate program in devising an external communications strategy. The group overcame the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and collaborated virtually to deliver a strategy that would help raise awareness of the Jane/Finch Centre and the programs they offer to the community.

"Working with Seneca 360 was the ideal complement to my Public Relations – Corporate Communications graduate certificate program at Seneca. It provided me with much-needed hands-on experience before graduation. I was able to deepen my knowledge of the field and add an important experience to my resumé by attending meetings with clients and developing communications strategies under the guidance of an experienced professor."

-Ivo Felipe, Seneca 360 student


"It was my pleasure working with the Seneca 360 team. I got the chance to put into practice all the skills I was learning in my professional course at Seneca. I also got to collaborate and share ideas with fellow students who were part of the project. Working with the client, I was able to expand my professional network in Canada. This was really important to me as an international student. The Seneca lecturer who led the team also had a great approach. The students were allowed to take the lead in meetings and discussions while she provided guidance as a moderator and editor. I'd recommend any Seneca student to apply to the Seneca 360 program. There are numerous opportunities to learn and grow."

-Sherine Williams, Seneca 360 student

Jane Finch Centre