Seneca 360

Learning Disabilities Association of York Region (LDAYR)

Corporate Breakfast

LDAYR helps people with learning disabilities to achieve their full potential through advocacy, research, education and services.

Professor Nancy Bodi led Anita, a student in Seneca’s Business Administration - Marketing (BAM) program, and Can, a student in Event Marketing - Sports, Entertainment, Arts (EVM), in planning and marketing LDAYR’s first annual Leadership & Learn Breakfast. The event was a success, and LDAYR felt that the support of Seneca 360 went a long way

"Seneca 360 is a department that embraces positive change and where all of our contributions matter. Throughout my work, I've had several opportunities to take on new challenges, and it gave me the opportunity to learn and grow alongside the growth of the department. It has been an enriching and exhilarating experience, with supportive leadership and an easy-going environment. I am very proud to be part of Seneca 360."

-Anita Srivastava, Seneca 360 student


“As one of the first employees of Seneca 360, I believe this is a win-win-win approach. It is a priceless Canadian experience for Seneca students. It is also valuable support for the non-profits organizations through their path to goodness. Finally, this is one of the best practices for Seneca College to give back to society. I am now a recent graduate of Seneca College, and I will always remember the time I had at Seneca 360 as one of the most beneficial things I had done through my two years of education.”

-Can Sarikahya, Seneca 360 student

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