Seneca 360

Massey Centre

Fundraising Gala, Social Media Campaign

Massey Centre is a client-centered infant and early childhood mental health organization which supports pregnant and parenting adolescents, aged 13-25 and their babies who reside at the Centre or in the community. 

In support of Massey's annual Cook for New Lives Gala, an important fundraiser for their work, Nicole Zikovitz, who graduated from the Business Administration – Marketing and Social Media programs, was selected to create and execute a social media campaign for a cooking competition.

“The experience was extremely valuable when you are just starting out,” said Zikovitz, now working full time as a social media specialist for an ad agency. “The client really valued my insight as an expert of the field and I got to build relations with potential employers in the industry.”

Aran, Joseph, Fabio, Sandy and Oleksandr from the Event & Media Production and Computer Engineering Technology diploma programs created and executed all production elements for the gala.

"The Seneca 360 team was professional from start to finish. The students built a customized package for Massey Centre's Cook for New Lives Gala fundraiser, including staging, lighting and AV production for the entire night. Thanks to the team, the guest experience was elevated, and we can't thank them enough!"

-Amy Davies, Associate Director, CFC Media Lab and Board Member, Massey Centre