Seneca 360

Yorktown Family Services

Social Media Policy

With roots going back as far as 1949, Yorktown Family Services is a vital community resource in the west end of Toronto. They focus on issues in child and youth mental health as well as violence against women through their two social service agencies, offering various programs and initiatives in these areas.

Professor Puneet Luthra led two students, Kaitlyn Mayberry from Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources Management (HST) and Joanna Das Gupta from Human Resources Management (HRM), in creating a comprehensive social media policy for Yorktown Family Services’ stakeholders. This policy will help protect the organization in many ways, including the confidentiality of their clients and donors.

"This is a great initiative! The Seneca 360 team adhered to the timelines and provided a comprehensive product for us to work with. Thanks to Seneca 360, we were saved a lot of time and were able to free up internal resources to focus on other things as the creation of the social media policy was clearly in very good hands."

-Andrea Holmes, Director of Development and Communications, Yorktown Family Services


“I learned a great deal from my Seneca 360 experience, from client meetings to creating and researching effective policies for social media use within the workplace. I liked that as a team, we had a professor guide us through the process and help with facilitating meetings between ourselves and the client. Overall, the experience was fantastic and gave me fantastic work experience in my field.”

-Joanna Das Gupta, Seneca 360 student