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Seneca Hackathon

COVID-19 Business Response Hackathon

Seneca invites you to its first-ever COVID-19 Business Response Hackathon

From June 29 to July 3, Seneca will be hosting its first ever 100 per cent virtual COVID-19 Business Response Hackathon. In teams of three to five, students will have the chance to create their own innovative solutions towards solving the problems businesses are experiencing as a result of COVID-19. This Hackathon will serve as an excellent occasion for innovation and a unique opportunity for students to showcase their entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills in front of industry leaders. Top tier prizes will include cash rewards, paid internships and the opportunity to present solutions to Bay Street investors. 

Businesses from various industries will propose what are called challenge sets. Each challenge set will consist of a specific problem that a business is facing as a result of the pandemic. Students will build teams, analyze one challenge set and develop their own solution for it, all while working alongside a business mentor assigned by one of our sponsors, including angel investor Steve Singh and the investment network from Thinking North. Afterwards, teams will present their project plans to a panel of judges in the form of a five- to 10-minute YouTube video.

Registration for the Hackathon is NOT LIMITED to Seneca Students. Feel free to include friends, co-workers and colleagues from any workplace or postsecondary institution.

Disclaimer: Teams must include a minimum of two Seneca students.

Bellow are some possible topics for challenge sets: 

  1. Human resources
    • candidate recruiting using AI, data science and gamification
    • reference model for skill using data analytics
  2. Hospitality and personal services
    • appointment scheduling for services, order pickups and restaurant seating
    • application for personal service
  3. Health care
    • visualize COVID-19 infection spread using big data analytics
  4. Accounting and contactless payments
    • remote application for digital receipts and expense payments
  5. Virtual classroom platforms
  6. Business resilience
  7. Abstract thinking for COVID-19 tech response
    • think freely about any type of solution

Additional examples:

  • IoT
  • medical solutions
  • logistics and supply chain
  • size mimicking avatar for online shopping — innovative ways for online shopping
  • managing staff remotely
  • automation to help healthcare workers
  • digital financing

Be one of the first 200 participants to receive an exclusive Hackathon t-shirt!


Benefits for Your Business

To help deliver the best Hackathon event for students, we are recruiting businesses to assist with:

  • mentoring student participants
  • judging submissions
  • donating prizes

What’s in it for you?

  • gain innovative solutions for your business
  • meet highly skilled students and graduates
  • earn public exposure for your business
  • join an excellent networking environment


Get Involved as a Business

We are recruiting businesses and professionals to assist with judging, mentoring and more! Please contact Prof. Mark Buchner to participate.

Student Registration

For questions, contact us:

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