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Seneca partnering with York University to open a new York Region campus

Seneca is partnering with York University to open a new York Region campus with joint and collaborative degree programs under a provincial program to expand postsecondary education in Ontario.

“This is an exciting development for students in York Region and beyond,” said Seneca President David Agnew. “Seneca and York are working closely together to offer an expanded range of programs. A new campus in this dynamic region would be a perfect showcase of our strong and growing partnership in high-quality postsecondary education.”

York University President Mamdouh Shoukri said: “… in my view, our strongest competitive advantage differentiating York University is the ability to include Seneca College as our academic partner in providing joint and collaborative degree programs as well as shared student services. Seneca is already on board and very supportive, and you can be sure that we will highlight and leverage the multiple benefits of our very successful working relationship."

Seneca and York have worked closely together for years, including the Seneca@York Campus on York University’s Keele Campus, a collaborative nursing degree, joint media programs and shared space at Seneca’s Yorkgate Campus. Recently, Seneca and York have been working on an expanded list of joint and collaborative programs in engineering technology, digital media, business and human services that could be offered at the new campus and existing campuses.

The provincial government’s process is competitive, and several other universities are expected to seek funding for new campuses in other parts of the province.

For the York-Seneca partnership, the first step is to select a campus location in York Region. Several municipalities are interested in being the host, and a selection committee comprised of York and Seneca representatives will be assessing the options. Seneca already has several locations in York Region: King Campus, Markham Campus and community campuses in Vaughan and Newmarket.

Under the province’s expansion program, universities will submit proposals for new or expanded campuses in underserved areas in September. The province is emphasizing undergraduate degree programs, and collaboration with colleges is being encouraged. Host municipalities are expected to support the proposals financially. The government is expected to make the final decision about where campuses are established next year.