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Students and faculty help produce Easter Seals Telethon

Easter Seals Telethon

Seneca students, alumni and faculty played a big role in the success of the Easter Seals Telethon, which ran last Sunday on the CBC.

Journalism students Afua Baah, David Brennan, Nayaco Downey, Alyssa Lugano and Tara Stanton were all part of the weekend. They did everything from scripting to standing-in for hosts during rehearsals. On the day of the show their duties included answering phones on set, producing crawls that ran along the bottom of the screen and shooting stories and features.

The Telethon, which raises money to help children with physical disabilities, is produced by Seneca Journalism Professor Greg Mandziuk. Recent Journalism alumni Perdita Felicien from CHCH Television and Patricia Jaggernauth from CP24 served as hosts, along with Seneca Journalism Professor and CTV News Anchor Bill Hutchison.

This year, Seneca Professor Chris Rodgers from the School of Information and Communication Technology along with some of his students designed the "light circle" computer display, which integrates with the on-set phone system to constantly show which phones are busy.

The College has been part of the Telethon for nearly a decade.