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Students working in South Africa 


students in africa

Students from the Hospitality, Tourism and Flight Services programs travel to South Africa for a 10-week field and work placement.

The students first week in Johannesburg included a cultural orientation with tours of Top of Africa – Carlton Centre, Newton, Constitution Hill and Court, the Apartheid Museum, Soweto and the Mandela Family home. Students also took time to deliver T-shirts  to the children at the Kliptown Youth Program and spend some time in the day care centre (pictured below).

Students at Kliptown

Students placements will take place over two four-week periods. One group will be assigned to the beach hotels Mpekweni and Premier Hotels and the other will travel to the private game reserve of Zulu Nyala Safari Game Lodge.  After four weeks, the groups will be transferred between locations, giving each the opportunity to experience working at these unique tourism destinations in the heart of South Africa.

The students are keeping blogs while they are in South Africa, including this one by Owen Grimley.