Parking at Seneca

Driving to campus is one of the many ways you can get to class. Seneca offers on-campus parking at its four main campuses. Find more information about parking, rates, payment options and instructions below.

Please note that parking space is limited particularly in the first few weeks of a semester. Learn more about the other ways you can commute to campus.


Parking at Different Campuses

Parking at Seneca@York

Parking at Seneca@York is maintained by York University. You can find the rates and rules at the York University’s Parking Services website. Students or employees with a York University parking permit who visit other campuses can bring proof of their purchase to a OneCard office to obtain access to other campus parking lots at no extra charge for the duration of their permit.


Your Safety 

The safety of our community is a priority. When travelling to or from your vehicle, please avoid passing under the parking gate arms. Wherever possible, use the sidewalks and pedestrian walkways. Avoid walking on busy roadways.

When exiting a parking lot, drivers are required to come to a full stop before entering Seneca roads. It will provide you time to check for pedestrians and other vehicle traffic.


Parking Questions

If you have questions about parking, contact your campus OneCard office or email Seneca Parking.  

King Campus

King Campus Parking

Between pods B and C, across from the cafeteria

416.491.5050 ext. 55074

Markham Campus

Markham Campus Parking

Room G14, Garden Level, across from the Bookstore

416.491.5050 ext. 77519

Newnham Campus

Newnham Campus Parking

Room B1015, across from the Bookstore

416.491.5050 ext. 22089

Seneca@York Campus

Parking is managed by York University. York parking permits will be honoured at all other Seneca campuses with proof of payment.

Please note that those parking in a Seneca parking lot do so at their own risk. Seneca, its agents and employees are not responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents, however caused. Do not leave valuable items in your vehicle.