Parking FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Parking plans are the only way to have in-and-out access to Seneca operated parking lots. Parking plans at King campus and Markham campus must be linked to a OneCard.

On weekdays (until 5 p.m.), these lots can only be accessed by employees.

Visit the OneCard office at King, Markham, Newnham or Seneca@York* campuses.

*The OneCard is not required for parking at Newnham or Seneca@York campuses.

All gates at King and Markham campuses have a video camera and an intercom system. Use the "PRESS FOR ASSISTANCE" button to speak with a parking attendant. 

Important: Do not back up if you encounter a problem at the gate. This could cause accidents or injury. Use the "PRESS FOR ASSISTANCE" button.

Prices for parking plans are available on Parking at Seneca page. A semester parking pass is a method of payment and access to the Seneca parking lots. It does not guarantee an available parking spot on campus. 

The OneCard is not required for parking at Newnham or Seneca@York campuses.

For Markham and King campuses, purchase a parking plan online, and visit a OneCard office to see if your card is active. If it is, you should be able to use it for parking. If not, a new OneCard may be required.

You can pay for only the days you will be parking with the a daily pass, for full-time students, or the evening pass, for part-time students.

If you have purchased a Seneca@York parking pass you are entitled to get a OneCard parking plan for other campuses. Go to the OneCard office with proof of a purchased year pass for Seneca@York and you will be issued a OneCard for parking. You do not need to pay for parking at King, Markham or Newnham. The Seneca@York OneCard office is located next to the Bookstore, 416.491.5050 ext. 33100.

OneCards have a very sensitive chip-enabled technology that can be damaged easily. Do not punch a hole in your OneCard; put it in a safe place like you would your debit card.

Immediately go to the OneCard website or the OneCard office and deactivate your card.

The OneCard office can then issue you a new card for a $25 replacement fee.

Parking at Seneca is restricted between 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. Please contact Seneca security if exceptional circumstances require your vehicle to remain on campus overnight. 

You can find a carpool partner through the Smart Commute tool, and then register your carpool by email with the parking office.

You may also be interested in the Seneca RideShare app to browse transit routes, match with Seneca commuters for a single trip and connect with cyclists.

Interested in saving money while also reducing your carbon footprint? The Seneca RideShare app allows you to do just that! Users can:

  • find a fellow colleague or classmate with a similar route and join a carpool together
  • search for the least expensive and fastest transit routes for you
  • match with Seneca commuters for a single, Uber-style ride
  • match with fellow bicycle commuters

Employees can temporarily suspend their parking payroll deduction at any time by filling out a Payroll Deduction termination form at the OneCard office. Please note that suspensions only apply to terms in excess of 15 weeks. Suspension of these deductions is not applicable to vacation periods or other short-term leave.

Employees can cancel their parking payroll deduction by filling out a Payroll Deduction termination form at the OneCard office.



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