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Parking Options

Take ticket at the gate

As you enter the parking lot, press the “PUSH FOR TICKET” button to obtain a ticket. The gate will lift. There are two options available to make your payment when using tickets obtained at the gate.

Pay stations

Take your ticket with you and pay for parking at a pay station when you are leaving. Tickets validated at a pay station are then inserted into the exit gate to lift the gate.


Paying at the gate

Insert your parking ticket in the “INSERT TICKET” slot when you are ready to leave. The amount owed for parking will be displayed on the screen.


Pay with credit card

You can pay by cash or credit card at pay stations. To pay with your credit card, insert your card into the same slot used to insert your ticket.

Pay by cash

To pay with cash, insert cash into the “INSERT BILL FACE UP” slot, or insert coins into the COINS slot seen in the image below.

Your parking exit ticket and receipt (if requested during payment) will be issued from the “INSERT TICKET” slot. You will need to keep your ticket as it will be required to open the exit gate for you to exit the parking lot.