Seneca Leadership Program

Your Leadership Certificate

You can receive a Record of Accomplishment for participating in the Seneca Leadership Program. You can also work towards a letter from the Seneca President. To earn your Record of Accomplishment, you will need to have completed all the three requirements mentioned below.


1. Complete Nine Leadership Program Workshops

  • Three workshops in the Personal Development stream
  • Three workshops in the Organizational Development stream
  • Three workshops in the Community Development stream

Please note:

  • While you are able to complete as many online workshops as you wish, to receive the Record of Accomplishment three out of the nine workshops (one from each stream) need to be in person workshops.
  • If you are requesting the President Letter then six out of 12 (two from each stream) need to be in person workshops. In person workshops also include attendance at the Leadership Institutes.
  • Attending one day of Seneca’s Leadership Institute counts as two workshops toward one of the Leadership Program streams.


2. Complete Leadership in Action Opportunity

Guide to your Leadership in Action Experience. 

It is important to reflect on your personal goals, values and skills, and think about how you would like to be involved in the community. Once you have reflected on these things, you can explore what opportunities align with your goals and passions.

When you have an idea of the type of experience you are looking for, you can approach different departments on campus, or different community organizations to see if there is a need you can fulfil. You can also speak with your campus Student Life Co-ordinator to discuss your interested areas. 

Any Seneca Leadership position or campus involvement would count towards you Leadership in Action requirement. Experiences for academic credit (i.e. internships, field placements, Co-ops) are not eligible for your Leadership in Action requirement. 

Seneca involvement opportunities could include:

  • Orientation Leader
  • SMILE Mentor
  • Seneca Student Federation
  • Seneca Club leadership
  • Going Global
  • Plan an event for an awareness week
  • Student Athletic Association
  • Facilitating a training session or workshop
  • The Learning Centre - English Conversation Club facilitator
  • Planning or facilitating a campus event

You will need to research different community organizations who align with problems or issues that you are passionate about. You can contact these organizations to find out if they have a need for volunteers.

You will need to ensure you have a Leadership in Action verifier (someone who can verify your experience) and will need to provide their contact information (name, title, phone, email).

Community involvement experiences could include:

  • Coaching a team in the community
  • Involvement in a Church group
  • Volunteering weekly at a community organization
  • Volunteering at a community event (i.e. a charity run, Habitat for Humanity build)

Here are a couple of websites to help you get started:

Yes, you can combine different activities to complete your 10 hours of Leadership in Action experience.

3. Complete the Reflection Exercise

You will be sent the reflection exercise once you have submitted your email request.

Note: If you wish to prepare your reflection exercise questions in advance, download the Reflection Exercise Questions (PDF) and then cut and paste your answers to the exercise page.

If you have completed your nine Leadership Program workshops and your Leadership in Action Opportunity, please download and complete the Seneca Leadership Program Tracking Form (PDF) and email it to to process your request.


Earn A Letter From The Seneca President

We are excited to offer a second level to Seneca’s Leadership program. You can qualify for the Letter of Recognition from the president.

To qualify, you must:

  • Attend 12 Leadership Program workshops
    • Four workshops in the Personal Development stream
    • Four workshops in the Organizational Development stream
    • Four workshops in the Community Development stream
  • Complete Leadership in Action Opportunity
    • Must be a minimum of 40 hours of self-directed, hands-on, involvement experience in the Seneca or local community.
    • You must be involved in at least two different activities.
    • You can include your experience from your previous Leadership in Action Opportunity as one of the activities. 

         Please note: Internships, field placements and co-op placements for academic credit are not eligible for your Leadership in Action Opportunity. 

  • Complete the reflection exercise 
    • To be completed after attending your 12 Leadership Program workshops and participating in your Leadership in Action Opportunities.

Once you have completed the above step, download and complete the Seneca Leadership Program Tracking Form (PDF) and email it to