Seneca Medical Centre

Uninsured Services and Costs

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and Seneca Health Insurance Plan (C-HIP) pays for most medical services. However, certain administrative services and medical procedures may not be insured by OHIP as they are not recognized to be medically necessary. According to policy, the uninsured services will be billed directly to the patient. Payment is due upon receipt of the service.

Services Cost

Missed appointment


Sick note


Domestic students without proof of coverage

As per Ontario Medical Association billing fees

International students without proof of coverage

As per Morcare billing fee costs

Immunization follow-up appointment after insurance expiry


Vaccinations after health insurance expiry


Accommodation forms


Driver medical examination forms (DZ)


Recruitment forms/volunteer forms


File transfers (for doctors, lawyers, etc.)

Ask for a quote (costs may include letters, copy charge, storage retrieval, administration fees, doctor review fees, etc.)

Photocopies of clearance forms


Photocopies of lab results


Travel advice


*Initial fee for visitors without insurance coverage are collected prior to the appointment and additional fees may be charged.