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A brief description of the links and information in this section:

Course History: View your course history.

View Grades: View your grades and GPA.

Intent to Enrol: Ability to submit your intent to enroll.

Honours and Awards: View your honours and awards.

Advising Comments: View your advising comments.

View Transfer Credit Report: View your transfer credit request and status.

Enrolment Verification: Ability to request an Enrolment Verification Letter.

View What-if Report:  If you are thinking of changing your program of study, you can use this feature to set up and request a simulated or "what-if" advisement report based on an alternate program of study in order to review the effect on your academic progress.

View Unofficial Transcript: View your unofficial transcript and advising transcript.

View Graduation Status: If you are expecting to graduate, or have applied to graduate, your graduation status will appear here.

Request Official Transcript: Ability to request your official transcript. 

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