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This is where you will get information about applications to full-time programs.

Admissions information remains active for about two months after the start of the first semester of classes. After that, the information will disappear.

For current students who apply to a new full-time program, the admissions information will reappear with the new program choices. At that time, an email is sent to the student, directing them to Student Home for details about the application.



Applicants to Seneca will have access to their admissions information in Student Home. In the “Admissions” tile, there will be a list of active Seneca full-time program applications and details, as shown below. 

A brief description of the links in each program application:

Application Status:

  • provides specific details and status of each program choice
  • international applicants will be able to accept or decline application offers
  • domestic applicants will use OCAS to confirm offers of admission
  • the “To Do List” shows any outstanding requirements, these are also shown in the “Tasks” tile
  • Offer and fee notification letters can be found in the “Communication Centre” tile

Admission Requirements:

Domestic applicants will be able to view list of admission requirements and whether each requirement is met/completed. International applicants can view admission requirement on program pages.

Alternate Programs:

List of alternate program offers and ability to confirm offers.

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