Renter's Check List


There are a lot of things you need to think about when looking for a place to live. We have covered 'Leases & Legislation' and 'Types of Accommodations'. Now here are a few things you need to check off your list, prior to making you're final choice, of where to live.



When considering having a roommate or roommates, we suggest that you consider negotiating a roommate agreement prior to committing to renting an apartment. Experience has shown that even the best of friends and intentions can easily changes from friends to enemies in a very short time of sharing an apartment. Prior to committing to becoming roommates it is suggested that you consider these points:

A: Rent

  • How much is each going to pay?
  • What room will each get?
  • How are each going to pay? The landlord? A roommate, who then pays the landlord?

B: Other Charges: (How are you going to handle sharing these)

  • Telephone
  • Food
  • Cable

C: Chores: (Who is doing what, when and how often)

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Outdoor maintenance

D: House rules

  • Are visitors and overnight guests allowed?
  • Are you permitted to share household appliances?
  • Are smoking and/or alcohol allowed?
  • Are pets permitted?
  • Privacy issues?

E: Other things

  • Is there a Grocery store in the area?
  • Would you have easy access to public transportation?
  • Do the windows open?
  • Do the water taps, toilet and shower work?
  • Will the landlord require first and last months' rent?
  • Do you need to submit a security deposit?
  • Will the landlord want references?
  • What it includes: meals?, parking?, utilities?, laundry facilities?

Once you have considered all these things, we suggest that you document it with a formal agreement that all parties commit to and sign, with witnesses.