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Tips for Student Leadership Awards


Use these tips to help draft the best online award application possible in Student Centre.


Silence is not golden

Now is not the time to be humble, modest or silent. We need to know how you’ve changed and/or improved student life at Seneca through your on-campus involvement or through work in your community. Tell us about the food drive you organized, the volunteer work you do with a community organization, or anything you feel highlights your leadership abilities.


Edit your work

We recommend you type your answers in a Word document, then copy and paste them into the online form. This gives you an opportunity to make sure you are including all the information you want, make any changes you need, and spellcheck your answers before you hit the SUBMIT button.


Your Seneca staff reference is a key team player

All award applications require you to provide a staff reference. This involves including the name and email address of your Seneca staff reference. We recommend you contact them before applying to make sure they’re comfortable with your choosing them as a reference. Your staff reference should be familiar with your accomplishments and able to add valuable input to help with your application.


If at first you don’t succeed…

The Student Leadership online award applications are based on certain selection criteria - GPA being one of them. So you may get the following message:

Based on your current student profile, you do not qualify for any Leadership Awards. Please visit Leadership Awards page to see the complete listing of awards, including application forms for additional awards you may qualify for based on your involvement in the Seneca community.

Don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of awards to apply for that consider involvement and experience in the selection criteria.