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Accessibility Services

Accessibility Counsellors

Some students may have functional limitations that impact their ability to fully engage with their academic work. Identifying the appropriate academic accommodations for a student with a disability in the postsecondary environment is critical to ensure students are supported during their time at Seneca. Our counsellors work with students to identify individual accommodation needs so that students can more fully participate in their academic studies.  

Assistive Technologist

Our Assistive Technologists provide individual assessment and training on the use of assistive technology software and devices in the classroom.

Learning Strategists

Seneca’s Learning Strategists are here to provide assistance to you for:

  • Getting organized for your semester
  • Improving your time management 
  • Helping to identify your most effective note taking strategies and tools
  • Learning how to use your textbooks more effectively
  • Increasing comprehension
  • Teaching more effective memory strategies
  • Tackling assignments
  • Augmenting your writing stills
  • Developing group work dynamics and presentation skills
  • More effective exam prep
  • Learning how to be a more confident, less stressful test taker
  • Applying prescribed and learned AT to your course work

Study Skills and Academic Development

  • Organizational skills and time management
  • Test anxiety and stress management
  • Test preparation and assignment planning
  • Listening skills and note-taking
  • Reading textbooks
  • Study and memory techniques