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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please select the portal for Students or Faculty and Staff.


Students FAQ

Please contact Counselling and Accessibility Services to make an appointment.

Please submit a request form. Once your request has been processed, please wait for an email sent to your Seneca email account with instructions indicating the next steps.

Please book an appointment to meet your counsellor.

Please select Student Portal and follow instructions. The process is explained in this two-minute video.

Please reset your Seneca password. Afterwards, please try logging in again.

Your accommodations may not be transferred yet to the new system. If you have not already done so, please submit a request form to distribute accommodations. Please wait for an email from us for your next steps.

Please ensure that you have logged in using your Seneca UserID (Jane.Student), and not your full Seneca email address (e.g., Otherwise, please contact us at


Faculty and staff FAQ

Please read and review the accommodations listed for this student. If you have questions about any accommodation, please contact the counsellor who is listed on the letter. For your convenience, you may log into the Faculty Portal, where you can view a list of students enrolled in your courses who have accommodations.

There may be various reasons:

  • The student is not registered with CnAS
  • An accommodation letter has not been issued
  • The student’s accommodation letter has expired
  • The student has chosen not to have the accommodation letter distributed to all professors.

The student may have questions about the distribution of the accommodation letter. Please ask the student to review student FAQ above and/or contact the counsellor.

Please reset your Seneca password:

Afterwards, please try logging in again.

If you are a professor associated with the course you are teaching, you may review the accommodation in a PDF format when you are login to the online Faculty Portal.

Since you received this email, the student may have dropped your course.

The online Faculty Portal would only list courses in which there are students with accommodations.

There may be a couple of reasons:

  1. The new accommodation letter distribution system was fully operational by the end of September 2018.  With the new system, professors would receive an email copy of the accommodation letter, and the letter would also be available on the online Faculty Portal.  Prior to the end of September 2018, letters were distributed by email only through the old system, which means that those letters would not be on the new online Faculty Portal.
  2. You may have logged into the online Faculty Portal using your email address instead of your UserID.  Please use your Seneca UserID (e.g., John.Smith) and not your full Seneca email address (e.g.,

If you are not associated to a course as a professor, you would not be able to access accommodation letter(s) for the course in the online Faculty Portal.

You may wish to create a new Outlook rule to automatically move all emails from to one new folder in your Inbox called: Accommodation Letter

Go to your Outlook Web App by logging into:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Mail” > “Inbox and sweep rules” >  Add (+) a new inbox rule.
  2. In the "Name" field for the new mailbox, type "Accommodation Letter". Use the dropdown menu under "When the message arrives and it matches all of those conditions" to select > "It was sent or received" > "Received from..." > Type in "". "Save" the changes.
  3. Use the dropdown menu under “Do all of the following” to select > “Move, copy, or delete” > “Move the message to folder". Select the “Accommodation Letter” folder you created in step 3. Select “Okay” to save the changes.
  4. Select “OK” in the next screen to confirm and finish setting up the rule.