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Cold Calling

Cold Calling is making contact by phone with an employer that you have not had any previous contact with. The goal of the call is to see if the employer or company is hiring.

Before the Call

  • Have your completed resume in front of you as a tool to talk about your skills and experiences
  • Have a pen and paper handy for taking notes
  • Ensure you have a quiet working space, no loud music in the background or television
  • Prepare a cold calling script to help you organize what you would like to say
  • Prepare questions you would like to ask the employer

Cold Calling Script
Writing a cold calling script allows you to gather your thoughts that you would like to express to the employer. By writing a script or a few key points, you are ensuring that you will not forget anything important and also feel more confident when making the call.  If you decide to write a script, do not read it word for word or make it sound memorized.

The employer will like want to know: Who are you?  Why are you calling?  What can you do for me?

During the Call

  • Be professional and prepared as the person answering the phone could be the person who is responsible for hiring
  • Listen very carefully to what the employer is saying
  • Be prepared for possible objections

Possible Objections

You may encounter objections when making cold calls, which is a normal part of the process. Learn how to handle objections by following these 3 steps:

Step 1:   Recognize the Objection
Do not dismiss the objection and continue with what you would like say. Let the person know that you did  hear the objection.

Step 2:  Reply with a benefit or value
Respond with a benefit or value that overrides the objection.  Let the person know that although you heard and understand the objection, you still have something of value to offer.

Step 3:  Restate your Request
Reaffirm your previous request.


Student: Can we set up a meeting for next week?

Contact: I don’t think that you have the experience we are looking for.

Student: You may be right (Step 1). However, I think that the experience and skills I do have could be extremely valuable to your company (Step 2). If we could talk for about 20 minutes, I could demonstrate what I mean, and how I feel I could contribute to your company.  Could I have 20 minutes of your time next Tuesday or Wednesday? (Step 3).

After the Call

To assist you in making future cold calls, keep a record of what was discussed during the call. What went well?  Were there any difficulties?  Could you have been better prepared? 

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