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Find Job Opportunities

Researching employers and using effective job search methods greatly increases your chances of finding employment!

So, what are the best ways to search for a job?

Advertised jobs

The easiest method for looking for work involves finding jobs that are advertised through job postings or corporate websites, or in newspapers. However, only a small percentage of jobs are advertised, and advertised jobs tend to attract many more applicants—which can mean more competition for you. 

One way to increase your chances of success is to apply to jobs that are advertised through websites or publications targeted towards a particular group such as students, new graduates or those in a specific industry or sector.

Additional 'Advertised Jobs' resources in the Career Development Department:

  • Job Postings magazine
  • Career Options magazine
  • Toronto Star newspaper classified ads
  • Employer brochures & advertisements

Unadvertised Jobs: The Hidden Job Market

The most effective method of finding work involves finding the large number of employment opportunities that are not advertised. While this method may take a little more research and time, keep in mind that 80% of job opportunities are in this ‘hidden’ job market.

Hiring managers and recruiters often become aware of potential candidates through employee recommendations, referrals from trusted associates, or direct contact with a candidate.  Successful candidates are those who are able to either connect with the employer or those in the employer’s network, using the following methods:

See the additional ‘Hidden Job Market’ resources in the Career Development Office.

Create Your Own Job

Many students and graduates have successfully started and managed their own businesses.  The following websites can help you decide if entrepreneurship is for you, and provide information on starting and operating your own business.

  • Helpful Hint

    Create a method for tracking your job search. This can include recording who you apply to, how you became aware of the job, what stage of the application process you are in and how you followed up with each employer.