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Winston Stewart

May 1, 2018

Seneca’s alumni have stepped up to contribute to the Campaign for King Campus. Police Foundations graduate Winston Stewart, founder of Wincon Security, has continued his longtime support of Seneca with a $100,000 pledge toward Magna Hall capital costs. Seneca will name a classroom at Magna Hall in recognition of Stewart and his family's generosity.

“In my family, we use the saying ‘sowing the seeds.’ A farmer will sow one seed, which will result in crops for years to come,” said Stewart. “Making a difference begins with just one student. If we all had a farmer’s mentality, we could promote education for thousands. Hopefully my contribution will encourage and inspire other alumni to give.”

Stewart originally aspired to become a police officer, but during his time at Seneca, he learned more about all the different aspect of law enforcement. With the guidance of a Seneca professor, he developed his own security business.

“Speaking to professors and getting introduced to their industry contacts opened a lot of doors for me,” said Stewart. “Before I knew it, I had a list of law enforcement professionals that I could draw from to help me start my own company.”

Shortly after graduation, Stewart opened Wincon Security with just one client and a $10,000 loan from his mother. In 2018, the Markham-based company is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Stewart has maintained a strong connection to Seneca since he graduated. He has volunteered on the Alumni Council and established the Winston Stewart College Opportunities Bursary.

“It’s important for donors to support students because they will be needed to help drive the economy in the future,” said Stewart. “That investment is needed now.”

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