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Winston Stewart


Winston Stewart became the first Seneca alumnus to tour Magna Hall. The sneak peek was well warranted, as Winston, founder of Wincon Security, is also one of the first alumni to make a donation to name a classroom at the new academic and athletic facility at King Campus.

As he usually does, Winston made a positive impact during his tour. The long time Seneca donor and volunteer ran into a group of students from Seneca’s HELIX Summer Institute, who were, by chance, conducting sessions in his classroom. When the entrepreneurially minded students were introduced to Winston and heard about his gift and how he founded his own business, he quickly became the center of attention.

“By staying connected to Seneca, I have seen so many amazing people graduate from here,” Winston told the students. “They are doing incredible things all over the world. And so will you.”

Many questions and selfies later, Winston’s tour of Magna Hall continued, with stops at the professional-sized basketball court — of particular interest to him as a strong supporter of the Seneca Sting basketball team — nursing simulation suites, the library, Learning Centre and Seneca Student Federation event space. (Have a look at this video for an inside tour of Magna Hall)

Winston’s named classroom is located in a high-traffic area, across from the library on the first floor. He studied at King Campus, which made his decision to name a room there an easy one. Upon graduation from the Law Enforcement (now Police Foundations) program, with the help of a loan from his mom and guidance from Seneca professors, Winston started Wincon Security. Last year, this multi-service international firm celebrated its 25th year.

His gift to Seneca was a fitting tribute to this professional milestone. Winston’s donation, and those from fellow alumni like Rob Scheinberg and Daniel Linden, will ensure that Magna Hall will be adorned with names of those who have helped build the legacy of professional success and community engagement at King.

“In my family, we use the saying ‘sowing the seeds.’ A farmer will sow one seed, which will result in crops for years to come,” says Winston. “Making a difference begins with just one student. If we all had a farmer’s mentality, we could promote education for thousands. Hopefully our contributions will encourage and inspire other alumni to give.”

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