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Christian Navarro

Nov. 22, 2019

In 2016, Seneca Prof. Peter Moscone had a vision to have graduate-level students perform professional services for small, not-for-profits. The students would benefit from the hands-on experience, and the not-for-profits would receive products and services they otherwise could not afford. He approached Seneca President David Agnew with this idea, and Seneca 360 was born.

Since then, Seneca students from various programs have engaged in 20 projects, ranging from website design and event management to video production, strategic planning, amateur sports broadcasts and marketing campaigns.

In order to expand Seneca 360’s program and community reach, funding was needed from external sources, and KPMG was more than willing to help. The multi-service consultancy is responsible for Seneca’s financial auditing and wanted to explore ways to help our students. Supporting the next generation of consulting professionals through Seneca 360 was the perfect fit.  

Through the KPMG Foundation, Seneca 360 will receive funding over the next three years that will help students offset costs like transportation, childcare and accommodations and allow them to take part in Seneca 360 projects, while keeping them free of charge to community partners.  

“The KPMG Foundation seeks to bring about systemic change in business and society. That’s why we invest in business education and volunteerism at all levels over the long term,” said Diane Del Monte, Partner, Audit, KPMG Enterprise. “Seneca 360 is a great initiative, and we are proud to help support it.”

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