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Moores clothing

September 9, 2019

As Seneca students prepare to graduate and make a big splash in the world of work, they need to be prepared. That means having a polished resume, practiced interview skills and the right attire for those big job interviews.

Seneca’s Career Development department offers the expertise and support to help new and recent graduates begin their careers successfully. This includes providing those in need business clothing to help them make a great first impression. Throughout the year, Career Development welcomes donations of new and gently-used suits, dresses and accessories.

When Seneca alumnus Mike Reynolds, Vice President of Stores, Moores Clothing for Men, heard about this initiative, he immediately saw a great fit with Moores’ Suit Drive. In less than a week, a Moores delivery truck filled with suits, shirts, belts and shoes arrived at Newnham Campus.

“We’re so glad to be part of a project that helps others get support in moving forward to growing in their careers and contributing to the community,” said Reynolds.

This is the 10th year Moores has conducted its suit drive, where customers are encouraged to donate gently used professional attire in support of helping men and women re-enter the workforce. Seneca has now become one of the Moores Suit Drive recipient organizations and looks forward to future collaborations in support of students and alumni in need.

“We are so grateful to Moores for this generous donation and their willingness to partner with us to support our graduates in reaching their career goals,” said Jennifer Graham, Director, Academic Learning Services. “Having the right attire for an interview does wonders for a candidate’s confidence and self-esteem.”

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