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Seneca President David Agnew sitting with  Youth to Postsecondary (Y2P) project at Seneca participants
Seneca President David Agnew (top row, third from left) and Luke Gilgan, Manager of the Peter Gilgan Foundation (top row, fifth from left), pictured with Y2P participants.

October 31, 2019

The Peter Gilgan Foundation has renewed its support of the Youth to Postsecondary (Y2P) education program offered at Seneca’s Yorkgate Campus for a second year.

Y2P was launched in May 2015 and includes 15 hours of Seneca-designed math and English upgrading for youth who are unemployed and not enrolled in school. Participants also receive foundational skills training in time management, goal setting, adapting to change, career development, interpersonal communication, teamwork, problem solving, decision making, research and creative thinking.

Since September 2015, 173 students have enrolled in the Y2P program and 49 per cent have completed all the Y2P courses and continued on to Academic Upgrading courses – the next step in pursuing postsecondary education.

This past year, 46 students enrolled in the Y2P program, with nearly half continuing on to Academic Upgrading. Thanks to support from the Peter Gilgan Foundation, 10 Y2P students received a $1,000 award to help cover costs like housing, transportation and childcare. “I have two daughters and I need this award to continue studying and achieve my career,” said one Gilgan Award recipient. “I really appreciate the kindness and I want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

“The Peter Gilgan Foundation donates to a variety of causes with a focus on supporting children, youth and families,” says Luke Gilgan, Manager of the Peter Gilgan Foundation. “We believe strongly in providing a ladder of opportunities so that families may thrive and all young people may become the leaders of tomorrow. The Y2P program provides important support to talented students and we are so happy to continue our involvement. Congratulations to all of the Y2P students and award winners. We wish you every success.”

Along with Y2P participants, Seneca’s Yorkgate Campus welcomes more than 200 students in programs like Nursing, Social Service Worker and Personal Support Worker. It is located in Toronto’s Blackwater community, where 62 per cent of the residents are newcomers with English as their second language, and 23 per cent are considered low income. Youth here also struggle academically and may end up leaving school early, which is why Y2P is such a vital resource and the Gilgan Foundation’s support is so transformational.

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