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Mood Eyewears

Opticianry students benefiting from Mood Eyewear’s generosity 

Seneca’s Opticianry program has received a donation of glasses frames from Mood Eyewear, which providing them early access to a wide selection of the products that they will encounter in the industry.

Working with industry standard equipment and products gives Seneca grads an advantage early in their careers. And Opticianry students can easily work through over 500 sets of frames in one year.

“It’s wonderful when an industry partner supports our students,” said Tatiana Mighiu, Opticianry Professor and Program Coordinator. “They need new frames to practice with so that they can accurately measure and fit lenses to patients’ faces. Old frames that have been used time and time again don’t provide that same experience.”

André Bélanger, President of Mood Eyewear, appreciates the value that Seneca students bring to his business.

“They are the future of the industry,” he said. “What they learn now will stay with them throughout their careers – and shape the way they provide service to their clients. We want to expose them to the best brands in eyewear so that they are fully equipped when they enter the world of work. That’s why this donation is so important to us and one that we will continue to make.”

Seneca has the largest postsecondary opticianry program in Canada, with 120 students registered annually, ranging from high school and university graduates to mid-career professionals and newcomers to Canada. 

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