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Scotiabank invest in young entrepreneurs


A big bank knows a good investment when it sees one.

In 2015, Scotiabank made a long-term investment in Seneca students with a donation to establish 60 scholarships for students in the Financial Services Management (degree), Non-Profit Leadership Management (graduate certificate) and Business Administration – Entrepreneurship and Small Business (diploma) programs. The bank has also created the Scotiabank HELIX Entrepreneurs Development Fund, which supports development activities for young entrepreneurs participating in Seneca’s on-campus business incubation hub.

Already Scotiabank has seen a strong return on its contribution. More than 30 awards have been delivered to deserving Seneca students, demonstrating a combination of high academic achievement and financial need, while HELIX has grown significantly since its inception in 2014. The Newnham Campus-based incubator has seen more than 100 youth-led companies gain access to seed funding, mentorship and the networks needed to develop viable products and services.

“Scotiabank’s investment in our students, and in particular, our HELIXers, shows an impressive commitment to enabling young people to pursue and fulfil their career potentials,” says Chris Dudley, a former entrepreneur and Director of HELIX. “The bank recognizes that an investment in Seneca is an investment in new ideas, emerging technologies and groundbreaking businesses that will shape the future of our local and global economies.”

In July, representatives from Scotiabank toured HELIX, met with three of its promising young entrepreneurs and expressed enthusiasm with the innovations that have emerged, thanks to the bank’s donation.

“At Scotiabank, we believe that investing in young people is the pathway to community prosperity, says Pradham Franklin, Branch Manager, Advice, Sales and Service,  Scotiabank. “Our commitment to Seneca, including our support of student financial aid and the HELIX Entrepreneurs Development Fund, is enabling young and emerging business and non-profit leaders to reach their infinite potential and pursue their ambitions to the fullest extent.”

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