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Seneca’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic




As we face the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, we want to thank the supportive community for enabling Seneca and our students to adapt so quickly to the difficult circumstances that are now the reality of everyday life.

We are inspired by the stories of community members going above and beyond in the fight against COVID-19. These contributions range from donating thousands of personal protective equipment items to help protect front-line health-care workers to an alumnus connecting students seeking employment with understaffed long-term care facilities through the use of an online platform.

Thanks to contributions from Seneca, the SSF and the Ontario government, the Seneca COVID-19 Relief Fund has been established to support students who are experiencing financial difficulties as a direct result of the pandemic. To date, more than $2 million in emergency relief has been provided to students to address their immediate needs.

Over the past few weeks, emergency requests have soared to levels well beyond what we could have imagined. The urgency of this need is beyond our current capacity and we are looking for your help.

If you are in the position and have capacity to support our students, please consider contributing to the Seneca COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Your generous gift will help Seneca students now and in the future.


Common COVID-19 related student challenges:

Loss of job

Housing, food, living expenses

Medical and wellness

Family, child and elder care

Online learning expenses

International travel expenses

Your Impact

“This support coming during the difficult time we are all experiencing is such a blessing, and I could not be more thankful! It’s been quite stressful to think about how I’m going to afford tuition and rent at the same time. THANK YOU! I feel honoured to receive your support and please rest assured, it will help me immensely.”

Alice Maria Guimaraes Bento, student, Social Service Worker

“This award will help greatly as I try to minimize my student debt while attending Seneca. It means a great deal to have assistance from people who understand the struggle to pay for an education, especially during these uncertain times.”

Jack Prucha, student, Firefighter, Pre-Service Education & Training

“This bursary will help me to pay for my living expenses as I continue to pursue my education. Being unable to work the hours required to make ends meet during this time, I am very appreciative. It will help combat some of the financial stress I have been facing. I would like to say thank you again to every donor. I am extremely grateful for your support.”

Janica Clarence, student, Social Service Worker – Immigrants & Refugees

COVID-19 Donors

Thank you to our COVID-19 Relief Fund donors. We are grateful to the Seneca community for coming together to impact the lives of our students who will continue to grapple with the economic fallout of the pandemic.

  • Aamir Raza†
  • Abimbola F. Olaoye†
  • Ahmedali A. Chakera*†
  • Alexander N. Sukhonos†
  • Amrith-Kumar Viswanath*†
  • Amy L. Lin*
  • Andriy Y. Nigovan†
  • Angela Burnie*
  • Angela Zigras*†
  • Ann Hersch*
  • Anna Kalika*
  • Anthony H. Van Odyk
  • Ashif Somani
  • Astrid Kretschmann†
  • Athula Ilukkumbure†
  • Baruch B. Lipinsky†
  • Brian D. Drury†
  • Camille Soucie*
  • Carmen A. Schlamb*
  • Carthy Foundation
  • Cawder Andrews*
  • Cecile A. Peterkin†
  • Chan Vinh Hoang†
  • Chang Liu†
  • Cheryl Kennedy*
  • Cheryl Sapiro*
  • Chris A. Rodgers*
  • Christine S. Blake*
  • Christopher John B. Fernandez†
  • Clare Vozza*†
  • Claudia Blumberger*
  • Cory A. Kisaka†
  • Dan Kagan†
  • Dane Shumak†
  • David J. Neale*
  • David John Turnbull*
  • Dean Hughes*
  • Debbie E. Bergson†
  • Deborah Delorme-D'Ulisse*
  • Delana Figueiredo*
  • Denis Heng†
  • Diane J. Saunders†
  • Dominic Totino*
  • Dominique N. Lazaris-Receno*
  • Dylan Arulrajah†
  • Eduard Peters*
  • Edward J. Moriarty*
  • Elaine Ramprasad†
  • Elizabeth E. Charters*
  • Eric C. Marmur†
  • Esther Linetsky†
  • Farheen Hassan
  • Gary Galbraith*
  • Gillian C. Edwards†
  • GISDC Ltd.
  • Guang Ping Deng†
  • Heather Lewis*
  • Helen P. Cheung†
  • Helena M. Bzonkova*
  • Hongxia Wang†
  • Jan Crowley
  • Jennifer Dares*
  • Jennifer E. Lewis*
  • Jinkyoung Lee†
  • Joelle N. Allen*
  • Jonathan D. Beard†
  • Joy A. Gooding*†
  • Karen E. Dunne-Carter†
  • Karen G. Webb*
  • Karen Henry†
  • Karen Leiva
  • Karen Mendler*
  • Karen Reid
  • Bala and Karnika Krishnan†
  • Katarina Ohlsson*
  • Kathleen E. Kells*
  • Katie J. Colvin*
  • Ken S. Ellis*
  • Kimberly Moran
  • Laurel Schollen*
  • Lily Wong†
  • Lindsay A. James*
  • Lucie A. Dutfield*
  • Lyndon E. Akiwenzie†
  • Maia M. Nenkova*
  • Marco Eslava Vidal†
  • Margaret J. Forbes*
  • Mark X. Chen†
  • Mary Del Bianco*
  • Maureen Dey*
  • Mauricio Ospina†
  • Michael R. Shaver
  • Michael Walder†
  • Michelle Tigere†
  • Murtala A. Momoh†
  • Nasrin Talebi*†
  • Natalie Anklesaria*
  • Nora Sagharian†
  • Olivia Sane*
  • Padma Gopinath*
  • Patricia Hayes
  • Patrick Y. Zheng*
  • Polytechnics Canada
  • Prashant Srivastava*
  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets
  • Radha Krishnan*
  • Ranjan Bhattacharya*
  • Richard Polisuk
  • Ronald Thornbury*
  • Rui He†
  • Ruth Teper†
  • Saghar Mahdaviani*
  • Saketaram Surendra*
  • Sang Min Lee†
  • Sarah E. Arliss*
  • Satoko Nomaguchi†
  • Sean P. Murphy†
  • Shan Khan†*
  • Shannon Gaskell*
  • Sharon L. Kinasz*
  • Shazeela Nabi*
  • Shelley Mortin-Toth*
  • Simon Varughese*
  • Slava A. Corn*
  • Sulaiman Ali†
  • Susan Park†
  • Tania E. Tiller†
  • Tazwiz†
  • Thamayanthy Nithysingha†
  • Thida Tint San†
  • Thomas Skene†
  • Tiffany L. Mazzola†
  • Timothy McKenna*
  • Tom Bartsiokas*
  • Valerie M. Lopes*
  • Vanessa Sbardella†
  • Vasanthi Rathakrishnan†
  • Vida Movahedi*
  • Vincenzo Tersigni*
  • Warren Jestin
  • Wendy K. Lo*
  • William Bullen
  • William Doern*
  • William J. Riddell*
  • Xiaoli Li*
  • Yea Eun Kim†
  • Yuming Jia†
  • Anonymous (38)


Seneca Alumni

* Seneca Employee/Member of Seneca Retirees Association

If you donated, your name will be added within one to two weeks of your contribution.

The accuracy of this list is important to us. If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact:

Shannon Gaskell

Development Officer, Annual Fund and Stewardship