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Seneca United Way Campaign 2020

With the Seneca United Way Campaign you and your colleagues can come together to donate, volunteer and give back. This is your chance to support a community where we live, learn and work.

From Tuesday, Oct. 13 to Monday, Nov. 9, we ask your generous help to support more than 250 United Way agencies. These agencies work in priority neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area. During this time, you can organize a virtual fundraising event to raise money and support the Seneca United Way campaign.

Share Your Seneca United Way Story

Has a Seneca United Way service helped you or your loved ones? Why do you support Seneca United Way? Please share your personal story by emailing

How Your Gift Makes a Difference

Here are some ways United Way of Greater Toronto has been helping our communities in 2020

Ensure basic needs are accessible

Help residents improve the well-being of their neighbourhoods

Get people working again

Provide vital mental health resources

Help people find shelter



About United Way 

Next to the government, United Way is the largest funder of social services in Canada. And now it has an even deeper impact, investing beyond frontline agency services to support innovative, community-led solutions in our neighbourhoods.

Helping kids be all they can be

Giving kids a good start in life is one of the best ways to ensure they grow into healthy, successful adults. To provide a strong transition into adulthood for communities, United Way is investing in after-school programs, counselling services for parents and their children and mentorship.

Moving people from poverty to possibility

United Way is working to fight poverty by helping families in our communities to secure food, employment and affordable housing. Their goal is to provide individuals and families with the tools to become economically independent, including job and literacy training, access to affordable housing and food security.

Supporting healthy people and building strong communities

United Way is working to improve the quality of life for individuals and families across Canada. They support programs and projects that help seniors maintain their independence, facilitate settlement services for immigrants and provide individuals with mental health challenges and disabilities with the supports and counselling they need. Visit the United Way for more information about how your support positively impacts the community.

How to Donate?

All employees will receive an email the week of Oct. 13 with a link to their individualized Seneca United Way giving page. Through this link, you can take advantage of donating through payroll deduction or credit card. This gift will be directly reflected in your T4 statement, which eliminates additional work when filing your taxes.

In addition to helping individuals in need within our community, you also have the benefit of knowing that your donation reduces your taxes. For example, a leadership donation of $1,200 works out to $758 after-tax benefits. That is just $2.08 a day.

Tax benefit on gifts
Gift amount Total tax savings Cost to you
$100 $20.05 $79.95
$200 $41.10 $159.90
$500 $160.58 $339.42
$1,000 $361.38 $638.62
$5,000 $1,967.78 $3,032.22

Payment Methods


You can choose to donate online by using your credit card. If you do not receive your personalized email, please email


Call United Way of Greater Toronto at 416.777.2001.

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