Virtual Open House



Now is your time to connect with your future. Discover all that Seneca has to offer at our Virtual Open House.

Virtual Open House will be hosted on an all-in-one interactive platform. Access to this platform will be available on our site starting at 8 a.m., EST on Saturday, April 17.

Plan your visit:

Explore programs & chat with experts:

  • Select your area of interest to navigate to program booths. Chat with professors, staff and students and discover interactive content like videos, presentations and more. Add content to your backpack for future access.

Explore everything Seneca has to offer:

  • Learn about services and supports: Connect with Seneca experts at our Services & Supports booths to find out how we can support your studies. 
  • Attend live presentations: Watch for details on our live presentations and plan to attend.
  • Watch a variety of on-demand videos: View welcome videos, helpful tips, student testimonials and more.
  • Take a virtual campus tour: Tour Seneca labs and facilities by campus or area of study.
  • Check out our promotions for a chance to win
  • Get support: Our dedicated team will be available to help during Virtual Open House.