1. Purpose

1.1 Seneca College recognizes the health hazards associated with smoking and exposure to second hand smoke, and in keeping with the Smoke Free Ontario Act and local bylaws, the purpose of this policy is to help provide a healthier working and learning environment for the college community.

2. Scope

2.1 All employees, students, visitors, contractors, leasehold tenants or other persons on college property or in college owned vehicles shall observe, adhere to and comply with the requirements of this Policy.

3. Definitions

College Property: Any real property, including grounds, buildings, structures, facilities and vehicles, including motor vehicles, aircraft and watercraft that are owned, leased, licensed and operated by Seneca.

College Community: All students, employees, public and other visitors to Seneca.

Smoking: For the purpose of this policy, smoking is defined as smoking tobacco or other materials and holding lighted tobacco or other materials intended for smoking. The definition is further extended to include the use of all types of E-cigarettes (“vaping”), or any other implement or device used to emulate the act of smoking which involves the production of any airborne contaminants or substances and includes all forms of pipes, water pipes, holders, instruments, etc. that are used for similar purposes.

Designated Smoking Area: An outdoor area on college property, where smoking is permitted, identified by one or more of the following: signage, ground markings, cigarette butt receptacles and/or a smoking shelter.

4. Policy

4.1 Smoking outdoors is restricted to designated smoking areas and is prohibited at all times inside any college owned or leased facility or vehicle.

4.2 Notwithstanding the above statement, Seneca recognizes and accepts that traditional Aboriginal events or ceremonies may involve the use of tobacco, smudge or other materials (as provided under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, S.O. 1994, c. 10) and permits the use of these materials for these purposes.

4.3 Smoking areas will be designated by easily recognizable signage and include cigarette butt receptacles.

4.4 Smokers must use the designated smoking areas and the provided cigarette butt receptacles.

4.5 Smoking procedures aimed at achieving the objectives of this policy will be implemented by Seneca. The procedures define locations and situations where smoking is permitted or prohibited, signage requirements and processes and penalties for dealing with violations of the policy.

5. Responsibilities

5.1 All members of the college community shall comply with this policy at all times.

5.2 Any employee, or student observing a violation of this policy should report the violation to Campus Security.

5.3 Within the scope of their responsibilities, administrators and Campus Security have a general duty to ensure policy compliance. They will work towards ensuring this policy is observed, adhered to and complied with and shall appropriately address concerns brought to their attention regarding policy violations.

6. Enforcement

6.1 Any person who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action through current Collective Agreements, Employee Terms and Conditions of Employment, the Student Code of Conduct, and any internal contracts and agreements with leasehold tenants, vendors or contractors. Failure to observe the requirements of this policy may also result in personal fines enforced by Tobacco Enforcement Officers (Provincial Offences Officers with authority to enforce the Smoke-Free Ontario Act).

6.2 When requested by Campus Security personnel or any other college official, all college staff and students are required to identify themselves by showing proper identification.

6.3 Supervisors will impose appropriate disciplinary measures on receiving a report of an employee in violation of this policy.

6.4 The Student Conduct Office will impose appropriate disciplinary measures on receiving a report of a student in violation of this policy.

6.5 Members of the general public who refuse to comply with this policy may be removed from college property.

7. Complaint Process

7.1 Employees, students, or visitors wishing to lodge a complaint against Seneca with regard to violations of the Smoking Policy should contact Campus Security.

7.2 Campus Security can be contacted in person at campuses where Security is available, by phone or by email.

Newnham Campus: ext. 22565

Markham Campus: ext. 77565

Seneca@York Campus: ext. 33565

King Campus: ext. 55265

Email: seneca.security@senecacollege.ca

8. References

  • Smoke-Free Ontario Act (O. reg. 48/06)
  • Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 709 – Smoking