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Financial Aid FAQs

Our FAQs answer questions like:

  • What is the minimum payment?
  • Why must I pay when I'm on OSAP?
  • How do I get my OSAP?
  • When will I get my OSAP?
  • How do I use the web to find out about my OSAP?
  • and more!  See all FAQs...

OSAP Info Videos


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Financial Aid and Awards

Scholarships and Bursaries

Financial Assistance

Government Programs Including OSAP

You are eligible to apply for OSAP if you are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person. OSAP's main component is the Canada-Ontario Student Loans Program, designed to supplement (but not replace) your income, your family's income or other financial resources. Further information and application forms are available from the Financial Aid Office at each Seneca campus (see Contact Us, right).


Work Study Program

Seneca's Work Study Program may also assist in financing your education.

Contact Us

(416) 493-4144 or
(416) 491-5050 ext. 22800


find your financial aid advisor

Financial Aid - Newnham Campus
1750 Finch Avenue East
Toronto, ON M2J 2X5

Financial Aid - Seneca@York Campus
70 The Pond Road
Toronto, ON M3J 3M6

Financial Aid - King Campus
13990 Dufferin Street
King City, ON L7B 1B3

Financial Aid - Markham Campus
8 The Seneca Way
Markham, ON L3R 5Y1