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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Awards

Seneca has a wide variety of awards available for students. Apply online through your Student Services Center under the "Apply for Financial Aid" link. There may be some additional awards that you can apply for throughout the year. These are usually advertised via MySeneca as they are not applied for through Student Center.

How do I apply?

Go to (log in required). After logging in go to College Services and click on Student Centre (log in required). Under Finances click on "Apply for Financial Aid" then select Academic Year. Fill out all required information and make sure you have selected your terms of study (FALL +/OR WINTER +/OR SUMMER). Click Submit.

You will be presented with a list of eligible awards you select the awards then click Submit. (Track the status of your application under the "View My Student Awards". The link is found below "Apply for Financial Aid".

Will everyone who applies receive an award?

Unfortunately not everyone who applies will receive an award. Some awards have a limit to the funds available. Some are decided on by committee to determine those who best meet the eligibility requirements. Some have strict requirements on the eligibility and not every student will be eligible.

What is the difference between a scholarship, award and bursary?

Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, such as achieving a certain grade point average. Bursaries are allocated based on financial need. Other awards may have specific criteria (such as leadership, community involvement, etc) for you to be considered eligible. The deadline to apply for scholarships and awards is October 31st for each academic year.

What is tuition assistance? When and how should I apply?

Tuition assistance is a type of bursary that is based on financial need. If you feel you will have financial difficulty attending College, you are encouraged to apply as Tuition Assistance bursaries do not have to be paid back. You apply through your Student Services Center under the “ Apply for Financial Aid” link. Once you submit your application a list of eligible awards will appear at the bottom of the page. Please select the awards you wish to be considered from the list. Apply before the deadline date:

  • Fall semester: October 31
  • Winter semester: February 15
  • Spring/Summer semester: June 15

I am an international student can I apply for any awards or scholarship?

Yes, international students can apply. Apply through your Student Center under the "Apply for Financial Aid" link.

How are award recipients chosen?

The Seneca College Awards Committee is comprised of campus representatives from the administration, faculty, counselling and support staff. The Committee selects and approves award recipients who have applied based on the specified criteria of the award. NOTE: Information on awards is the most recent available at the time of publication. Value and availability of awards are subject to change at the discretion of both the donors and the College Awards Committee.

How do I get my award?

You will need to track your applications online under "View My Student Awards" on your Student Services Center. If you receive an award it will be applied to any outstanding fees. If there is still a credit after your fees have been paid you can request a refund cheque from the Registration Office.

Is my award taxable?

Award money is considered part of your taxable income for the year. Go to Student Services Centre to view and print your T4A form for the year in which the award was paid.

Can I qualify for a bursary even if I don't apply and qualify for OSAP?

The bursary program is based on financial need and is directed to those students who have the fewest options for securing sufficient funding to finance their education. Generally, students who receive a bursary are also in receipt of some type of loan funding from either government student financial assistance (OSAP) or from a financial institution and continue to demonstrate a financial need.

What are renewable scholarships?

Students enrolled in any of our Degree programs can qualify for a Renewable Degree Scholarship based on their Grade 12 grades or grades from another post‐secondary program.

Will I lose my renewable scholarship if I drop or fail a course?

The Renewable Degree Scholarship is based on grades in continuing years of the student's program of study and the student maintaining full‐t ime enrollment status.

Can I appeal a tuition assistance bursary decision?

No. Bursary decisions are final.  If you feel there is new financial information or extenuating circumstances that were not represented on your application, please contact your Financial Aid Advisor.

I completed an application for Fall and Winter but I am returning in the Summer semester. How do I apply or request for funding?

Go to your Student Centre and click on "View My Student Awards" and click on the "Appeal" button. A text box will appear for you to fully explain the reasons why you wish to apply for further funding.

How do I receive a Leadership Award?

The student must show some form of leadership ability or experience within a recognized Seneca role (Ex: smile mentor) or within their community. To be considered for a Leadership award you would apply through the "Apply for Financial Aid" application process. Typically becomes available in January.

What is the Head Start Bursary?

You may qualify for up to $2,000 in tuition assistance toward your degree or up to $1,000 towards your diploma or certificate. You may qualify if you:

  • are a permanent resident of Ontario
  • have applied for Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and your application has been processed (make sure all required OSAP documentation has been submitted to the Financial Aid Office and processed by the deadline date)
  • don’t expect your financial resources to fully cover your education expenses
  • are a new full‐time student registering at Seneca or you are in the first year of the Nursing‐ Collaborative BScN Degree program
  • have paid the minimum fee deposit by the due date set by the College

Available Head Start bursaries:

You can apply through your Student Center just prior to the beginning of your first term.

What is the Institution Special Bursary Program?

The Institution Special Bursary (ISBP) provides financial aid to help cover your educational costs for those who meet the eligibility criteria. The amount you may receive will depend on your eligible educational costs, such as tuition, books, travel costs and child care costs. You can apply only once per semester. The maximum bursary amount you can receive is $2,500 per academic year. Your eligibility for future ISBP funding depends on the successful completion of both past and currently‐funded ISBP courses.

You cannot receive the Institution Special Bursary Program (ISBP) during the same study period in which you are receiving OSAP, CSLP, Second Career, Financial Aid from the College, or student financial assistance from another province, territory or country. However, if you have extra education‐related expenses for services and equipment resulting from a disability, you may also be eligible for an Ontario Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD). Contact Financial Aid for more information. If you leave school or drop a course, you may be required to repay a portion of the Special Bursary back to your institution. You may not be entitled to the full amount of the Institution Based Special Bursary (ISBP) if you do not finish the course(s) as planned.

Funding received through the Institution Based Special Bursary (ISBP) is taxable. If you receive a bursary, your institution will issue you a T4A in February for the total amount of the bursary received. You will need to provide proof of your Social Insurance Number to Financial Aid before an award is disbursed.

How do I know if I am eligible for the Institution Special Bursary Program?

You may be eligible for an Institution‐Funded Special Bursary at Seneca if:

  1. You are a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person
  2. Your family income is below the threshold for a given family size.
  3. You are registered for an English as a Second Language (ESL) course(s) or Academic Upgrading courses.
  4. You are registered in a Ministry approved program on a part‐time basis.
  5. Your study period is at least four weeks in length.
  6. It must be the first time you are pursuing Post‐Secondary studies and have valid reason for attending on a Part‐time basis.

You are considered part‐time if you are enrolled in courses that constitute less than 60% of a full course load. If you are a student who has a permanent disability and are studying at between 40% and 60% of a full course load you can choose to be treated as full‐ or part‐time. If you choose to be considered parttime, you are eligible to apply for the Institution Based Special Bursary (ISBP).

How do I apply for the Institution‐Funded Special Bursary Program?

Print the form. Complete all required information and submit along with all required documentation prior to the deadline to your Financial Aid Office. The deadline to apply is 30 days from the start of your course. It is the student's responsibility to submit all required documents by the deadline.