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Our Current Projects

Personalized real-time location-based service recommendation

Wazzio, established in 2013, is a technology company that has been offering value-added services to IT resellers that augment their product portfolios. In 2017, Wazzio identified an underserved market with high growth potential, spurring the development of the Rylli app platform, connecting customers to service providers. Launched in 2018, Rylli targets two audiences: service providers with immediate availability and busy people who need to access various services instantly. At its core is a realization that, very often, people need access specific service(s) immediately and do not want to — or cannot afford to — spend a lot of time researching potential providers only to discover that the provider’s next availability is weeks away...more

WeShare Housing Preliminary Research Project

Neighbourlink North York was founded in 1994 in the Willowdale area of Toronto, to serve its residents. The primary motivation was the concern about the growing numbers of people, especially seniors, who were living in isolation and poverty. The NLNY mandate is to foster a support network that helps to build stronger communities and enrich the quality of life of its constituents.  In order to achieve these goals, NeighbourLink North York offers many free, short-term, non-emergency services such as: at-home services, transportation, food security support, professional services and many more. One of the recent Neighbourlink initiatives is the WeShare Housing concept...more

Formulation of cosmetics incorporating GlycolastinTM as the active ingredient

Sussex Research Laboratories Inc. is a specialty chemicals company in Ottawa, Ontario with expertise in synthesis and characterization of carbohydrate-based systems and stable isotope-labeled molecules. Sussex recently discovered that their proprietary glycopeptide GlycolastinTM has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties; this presents an opportunity to expand into the cosmetics market. Sussex is collaborating with Professor Sharon Robertson and research assistants from the Cosmetics Science Graduate Certificate program...more

Production of a Recombinant Improved Bacillus stearothermophilus DNA Polymerase for DASL Isothermal Amplification

Custom Biologics, an established developer of bioanalytical assays, has in-licensed a patented, isothermal, nucleic acid amplification and detection technology from GeneBio Systems Inc. The technology, known as DASL RAPID, is a rapid, sensitive and specific molecular test platform requiring the use of DNA polymerase enzymes. Custom Biologics is collaborating with Dr. Frank Merante and research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry to develop...more

Increasing Accuracy of Text Extraction for a Single Category (Website Privacy Policy) of Legal Documents

Clausehound Inc. supplies business law training tools and curriculum to educational organizations including colleges, universities and startup services organizations. Clausehound's automations in contract drafting makes negotiation easier, and Clausehound collects "deal points" into inventory, to benefit deal negotiators on their current and future negotiations...more

Mobile app for Lingo Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system

Individuals with severe speech-language impairments due to: autism, global developmental delays, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or other neurodegenerative conditions, often need an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system to compensate for their challenges with communication. GTA-based Lingo Inc. has developed an AAC system designed to help non-verbal individuals communicate with others throughout their daily lives using a picture/written software system. The company has partnered with Professor Peter McIntyre from Seneca’s School of Information and Communication Technology, to develop a mobile app that will allow for quick word retrieval...more

Stabilization of Amplification Associated Enzymes & Reagents Associated with Point of Care Testing 

Ottawa-based Evik Diagnostics provides complete design and development services for new diagnostic products, and continuously look to increase the products and services that they can offer. To this end, Evik has collaborated with Dr. Frank Merante and student research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Sciences and Applied Chemistry (BSAC) on further development of a custom excipient and excipient-blends to stabilize enzyme and reagents for rapid-point-of-source diagnostic testing. ...more

The Investigation of the Effectiveness of RealAtoms Model Kits 

RealAtoms, an Etobicoke-based company, has produced the first and only molecular model kit designed to accurately demonstrate chemical reactions. RealAtoms’ models use magnets, allowing users to seamlessly change the models’ structures and geometries without having to pull apart balls and sticks. This model mimics the way molecules behave in real life, preventing common misconceptions perpetuated by conventional molecular models...more

Custom Cosmeceutical Formulation exhibiting anti-aging and UV protective Properties

Starlight MedSpa, a Vaughan, Ontario based company, is a medical spa specializing in permanent hair removal and fostering efficacious skincare. Starlight is collaborating with Dr. Frank Merante and student research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry to develop an efficacious custom cosmeceutical formulation, enabling Starlight to fulfill an unmeet need in their product pipeline and proprietary menu offering...more

Helicobacter pylori Nucleic Acid Detection from Gastric Matrix – Clinical Diagnostics Primer Set Development and Optimization

Spartan Bioscience Inc. in Ottawa Ontario is a leading biotechnology company, which develops point-of-care medical device platform and associated molecular tests for DNA-based diagnostics including pharmacogenomics and infectious disease tests. Spartan is collaborating with Dr. Frank Merante and research assistants from Seneca’s School of Biological Science and Applied Chemistry to design an accurate, sensitive and fast method to detect the presence of Helicobacter pylori using state-of-the art bioinformatics derived design and testing using molecular tools ...more

TeamWorks TAVI project

Founded by Dr. Sylvain Plante, an interventional cardiologist at Southlake Regional Health Centre (Newmarket, Ontario), Inideo Inc. offers a suite of cardiac specific patient information flow and electronic medical records applications. The software has a significant impact on healthcare by enabling time and costs savings through workflow efficiency. In order to expand their product offering, Inideo and Southlake partnered with Professor Asma Paracha and student research assistants from Seneca’s School of Information and Communications Technology ...more

Advancing Video Categorization

Vubble, a Toronto-based media tech company, builds solutions for trustworthy digital video distribution and curation. The need for automation of video curation is prevalent, as video is quickly becoming the world’s dominant form of media consumption. Using a combination of algorithms and human curators, Vubble searches the internet to locate video content of interest to its users. Vubble has experienced significant year-over-year growth since...more

Utilizing Machine Learning Techniques to Understand Connectivity and Usage Patterns for Improved Online Contact Search

The Networking Effect logo

The Networking Effect (TNE) is an all-in-one e-tool that supports connectivity and the building of business relationships. It lets individuals and organizations develop, grow and manage their business network quickly and easily. More than just a database of business cards, TNE’s goal is to go beyond traditional services such as LinkedIn with a much stronger focus on business, and even personal, interests and goals...more

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