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Student Centre Awards

These awards are available in Student Centre by choosing Financial Aid, then Leadership Awards. Based on your current student profile, the list of awards you are eligible for will be listed on Student Centre. To be considered for any of the following awards, you MUST provide a staff reference from a Seneca employee. Reference information is also available through Student Centre.

Review Leadership Awards Tip Sheet for Student Centre Applications for tips to help you draft the best application possible:

Below is a description of each award, the necessary criteria for eligibility, and the award amount.

A104: APC/ACC Leadership Awards ($500)

The Seneca Student Federation Incorporated (SSF Inc.) representing all Seneca student governments will annually present awards to students who have demonstrated a unique or outstanding contribution towards improving the quality of student life at the college.

A133-Sheppard Campus SFC Academics Award ($300)

This award is open to any student enrolled in the second or third year of a fulltime program based on academic achievement - minimum GPA of 3.5. Applicants must demonstrate leadership (supported by a letter of recommendation from a Seneca staff member), initiative and dedication to academics.

A137: Student Life Achievement Scholarships Leadership ($500)

Financial awards will be presented to students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in student government, campus clubs, the College newspaper, radio station, or special events of a cultural or artistic nature. Students with outstanding contributions to their community are also eligible. The applicants must have achieved high academic standing throughout the term.

A145: ACL Student Benefits Leadership Award ($1000)

ACL Student Benefits, the Student Health, Dental and Extended Health Plan insurance broker, will annually present two awards to students who have shown outstanding leadership. The recipients of this award must have maintained a GPA of 2.5 while making significant contributions to the Seneca community or their community. This award recognizes a student who is the “unsung hero”, someone who quietly works behind the scenes to make Seneca a better place while still maintaining their academics and juggling other responsibilities.

A148: Wayne Norrison Leadership Award ($500)

The Seneca Student Federation Incorporated will annually present an award to a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership in the enhancement of student life at Seneca College. This award was created to recognize and honour retired Seneca Vice-President, International and Business Development, Wayne Norrison, for his many years of outstanding leadership and support for the SSF Inc. Any Seneca student (excluding SSF Inc. council members) may apply for this award to recognize leadership related to student life at Seneca. Applicants must have achieved high academic standing throughout the semester.

A150: Vicki Milligan Carter Award ($500)

The Vicki Milligan Carter Leadership Award was created by the SSF Inc. to honour a long time employee of Seneca College on the date of her retirement. A former faculty member, Departmental Chair, Director of Student Services and voting member on the SSF Inc. Board of Directors, Vicki’s zest to improve student life, assist anyone in need and to make Seneca a better place spoke volumes of her commitment to everything Seneca.

This award is open to any Seneca student with a minimum GPA of 2.5 who has shown academic achievement, leadership, commitment to people and a zest for all things Seneca.

B206: King SAC Award ($750)

Prior to the incorporation of the Seneca Student Federation in 1999, the King Student Administrative Council established an award to assist students in second, third or fourth year of their program, and to assist graduating students. Students must demonstrate leadership qualities through active contributions to the development of the King Campus community, as well as maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.