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Topics Covered

  • Learning contexts
  • Principles of language teaching
  • Managing the language classroom (planning, expectations)
  • Identifying learner needs
  • Understanding the learner   (learning styles, adult education, motivation, diversity, culture)
  • Framing your teaching (outcomes, CLBs, CEFR, LINC, ESL, EAP, lesson planning)
  • Understanding good teaching (teacher language, classroom dynamics, giving instructions, board use, classroom organization, history of TESL)
  • Understanding the language (grammatical, lexical, and phonological elements)
  • Teaching and evaluating the receptive skills: the basics (listening and reading teaching strategies and techniques; vocabulary)
  • Teaching and evaluating the productive skills: the basics (speaking and writing teaching strategies and techniques, pronunciation and basic grammar)
  • Portfolio based learning assessment (PBLA) (skill building and skill using activities in a given theme and evaluation)
  • Technology enhanced language learning
  • Personal approaches to language teaching and development