Evolution of Esports Technology


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EMK250 - Evolution of Esports Technology

As the esports industry continues to grow and embrace new technologies - Wearables, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and others - athletes, teams, leagues, and the professionals advising them must have the knowledge base to produce content in these environments and allow consideration of the benefits and drawbacks of use. Growing attention to esports and the related analytics will result in increased partnerships between emerging technology companies and esports teams and leagues. For athletes, spectators, developers, and marketers, knowing about the finer details is vital for success in this industry. In this course, students will examine current technologies that the leaders in the industry are using, how they are accelerating the rate of adoption, and driving the most value for their organizations. Students will further explore trends and technological advancements within the ecosystem of developers, content producers, leagues, athletes and media metrification which are expected to benefit the industry as a whole.

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